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The one year intensive hands-on course will be the best choice if one or more of the options ring a bell in you


Become an artisan baker

Additive free baking requires a deep understanding about the nature of ingredients, the ratios and mixing method that determines the texture of the product, science behind the process at every stage of the process right from scaling to packaging, knowledge to handle the ever emerging ovens while adapting to their new technologies.

Become a pastry chef

Creating fine pastries that look stunning as well as taste complex and well coordinated  is a skill one can achieve only after understanding every component  in detail and learning the nuances of balancing the recipe using the available ingredients. We give a lot of emphasis on using locally sourced ingredients from the simple flour to complex chocolate. 

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Become a Cake artist 

To become a cake artist one needs to develop numerous skills including a strong understanding about every medium. Learning the right techniques helps you focus on creating unique custom designs with ease. Unless you’re already an artist by profession our lessons on the principles of designs, colour theory and coordination and so on will be a great inspiration. Learning from various artists who are experts in specific medium helps one understand various styles too.

Add a skill to your portfolio

You might have time at your disposable probably after your graduation or if you’re taking a gap year in your studies or career. Investing on yourself to develop a skill that you’re passionate about will definitely come handy at some point of time


Move away from commercial baking

World is moving towards better practices. If you are a second generation bakery business owner here’s an opportunity to get prepared for the future. Our unique learning methodologies ensures you not only follow the sustainable practices but also adapt  the same in your  projects

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