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The academy is located off the arterial Avinashi Road, near Kovai Medicals bus stop.

By Car: If you're traveling from North or western part of city, make a U turn after crossing Ramalakshmi mahal. Take your first 

Workshops & Events

We, at Latha’s School of Baking and Cake Art, host interactive demo sessions for beginners who want to explore their interest in baking and cooking. These events are also organised for enthusiasts who want to add more variety in what they do.

Life Skills

We encourage schools that emphasise cooking as a life skill by helping curate events for them as a part of their cooking club activity. This could give the students an insight about the variety of ingredients used in global cuisines, and inspire them to explore further.

Competitions, discussions and tasting sessions can also be organised for the students.

Gift an experience

Select a gift voucher for your friend who is an aspiring baker. We could send them the voucher with a customised message you send along with a goodie box.

This voucher can be redeemed and used to block a seat for our upcoming sessions or for products available at our store. It has a validity of upto 6 months from the date of purchase.

Business Consulting

We offer consulting services for existing bakeries who would like to shift from commercial bakery production to the gourmet segment. This also includes training their staff for specific requirements like menu development and so on.  We also provide turn-key solutions to entrepreneurs who have specific requirements, ideas and budget to start their venture.

Studio Memberships

The students who have pursued our Foundation and Professional Courses can become a part of our club and avail special offers for our workshops and events. Students will also be intimated about the refresher sessions we conduct to brush up their skills. When they're a part of the registered network, we'll also be able to understand their strengths, and pass references/orders to them.


Our facility is well equipped with amenities and tools of the best quality. Experts in the field of Baking, Pastry and Cake Art are always welcome to hold Master Classes. To spread the joy of good food, we conduct workshops and events for different audiences. 

If you're a specialist or a culinary expert, we would love to collaborate with you and host events.

Team Building

Latha’s School of Baking and Cake Art organises exciting cook and bake events for corporate employees outside their work space. This is based on the belief that cooking and baking, as a team activity, helps build team spirit. 

These events and workshops can also be curated for a team size of 10-30.

Supply Store

You can shop for quality baking supplies and tools at ours! We, at Latha’s School of Baking and Cake Art, identify and source the best quality ingredients for our training. We also have basic and specialised tools that could smoothen your baking process. We also have customised tools to simplify processes.

Take a look at our product list and place your order now! You can also visit our store after making an appointment.

Party Orders

Baking and catering for special events is another service we’re always up to offer. Custom orders will have an MOQ and a time window to avoid clashes. We could have a Cake Menu, Cupcake Menu, Dessert Menu and Snack Menu.

Placement Assistance

There are numerous job opportunities in India and abroad for skilled and passionate bakers. We help our students to identify the right path for progression in their career and help them secure internships in cafes, patisserie & luxury properties. This is done purely based on the student’s skill level and attitude.

Careers/Work with Us

Latha’s School of Baking and Cake Art hosts a number of activities to spread awareness about gourmet baking and encourages people to follow their passion so they can find themselves gaining production experience by volunteering with us. Our Academy provides baking enthusiasts a great platform to engage with like minded people and showcase their creativity. The role will be chosen depending on their expertise, interest and availability of time.

Product Launch

If you're looking for a platform to launch your gourmet food product, Latha’s School of Baking and Cake Art would be the space you’re looking for!

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