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Why Coimbatore?

Prided as the ‘Manchester of South India’, ‘ Motorsport capital of India’, ‘Pump city’ and so on Coimbatore has the credit of pioneering in bringing global standards in every field. The city is self-made and you’ll see that in the entrepreneurial spirit of the city. Yet another advantage is that the cost of living is much lesser when compared to larger cities but safe to live and explore while you’re staying here. The city is surrounded by western ghats which makes it pleasant round the year. The scenic get-aways and amazing food culture  is a bonus.


The academy is located in a quiet residential area near SITRA, only 1.5 km away from the Coimbatore International Airport. It’s  just off the busy, arterial Avinashi road that connects Coimbatore to Chennai, Bangalore and other parts of Tamilnadu making it easy for students who travel everyday from different towns. There is  round the clock connectivity in bus service and overnight luxury buses from every part of South India. This part of the city is popularly known for the number of large educational institutions, hospitals and software technology parks present here. It’s easier to find safe, student friendly accommodations at the budget you’re looking for. 


The well ventilated, spacious 20 year old building has been meticulously restructured to retain the ambience while providing state of the art facility for training. It houses a quaint library, a fully fitted cake-art lab, a tools & supply store and a student lounge that has a Pondicherry vibe right here in Coimbatore. There’s an aesthetically done community space which operates with an exclusive production kitchen that allows students to run pop-up Cafes and events.  Each classroom is fully air conditioned, provided with necessary equipment, tools and material storage. It’s attached with a separate station housing refrigeration, oven and other amenities. It also has one large workstation for Chef instructor and group activity, apart from the individual work space for students.



Our values & beliefs


Our Mission is to Create Professionals and Entrepreneurs who believe in the roots of artisanal baking while they learn, grow and innovate in our nurturing learning atmosphere.



Our vision is to inspire young entrepreneurs by laying a strong foundation in skill training, while setting high standards in quality and alleviate the artisan food sector in the country.



At Latha's we are focused on introducing Artisan Baking as a viable and sustainable alternative for commercial bakery production. Our students will set new standards and we will continue to motivate them by creating an ecosystem that benefits the entrepreneur as well as the consumer


Our methodologies:

We are committed to an educational and training model which will provide our students the knowledge which will be a tool needed to gain creative freedom. They will not only reproduce recipes but questions the process and develop the capabilities to innovate on their own.

Our Values:

We advocate and use high quality ingredients like couverture chocolates, dairy cream and fresh/ frozen fruits which requires certain level of knowledge and expertise to handle. Their counterparts are  compound chocolate, whipping cream and fruit crushes predominantly available off the supermarket counters. They’re easy to use as these are not natural but food equivalents developed for ease of use by unskilled persons.


We strongly recommend scratch preparation of every component to our students and provide knowledge and guidance to implement the same in their production practices. We develop methodologies that simplifie some of the laborious processes involved in adopting those techniques.


We take food safety, hygiene and sanitation very seriously. We set standard operating procedures that are endorsed as part of training. The food rotation systems ensures that the quality of materials and products are maintained according to standards end to end. This facilitates control in food wastage.

Our facilitators

Hard skills

Latha Sivakumar

As the head of the academy she ensures every student is assessed for their skill level before they embark on their journey in the field. Her passion lies in developing course content that focuses on a strong foundational knowledge,  on which the students build their life long learning and wholistic development through allied topics. Apart from that she curates unique and sustainable real time experiences for students to prepare them for real world as they gain composure in challenging situations.

Chef Kasthuri

An experienced pastry chef who has worked in India's leading hospitality brands and has consulted for some renowned pastry/ bakery brands. Her high standards at work, organising skills, her passion in teaching and the belief in disciplinary systems set very high expectations for our students during the course which was carried well into their career. She specialises in chocolates, pastries and entremets and enjoys creating unique flavour profiles.

Deepa Padmanaban

She's an accomplished baker from Coimbatore, known for her delectable French pastries and desserts and her creative ways in presenting them.  Her knowledge and expertise has rooted from years of experience as well as her quest for constant update from industry experts across the world. Her methodical approach and her obsession for a flawless finish in presentation has prompted her to develop some unique techniques

Chef Sedhu

Born in Pondicherry, he had the opportunity to be trained under French patissiers from a very young age. he specialises in sour dough bread and has mastered the skill of producing viennoiserie products in large volumes. Hence he could share his knowledge the nuances of handling large volumes in producing additive free breads through completely natural processes. His years of practice and practical knowledge has inspired our students to pursue artisan baking as their career.  

Nivedha Duraisamy

Our soft spoken cake artist, started her baking journey with us. She completed her certification course at Lathas, continued pursuing her passion by taking up the placement as a cake artist  in a popular cake art studio at Bangalore, creating beautiful cakes for their customers. She’s back here to teach at her alma mater, bringing amazing results in each and every one of the student's creations. Her firm yet gentle approach in sugar art stimulates the creative spirit of our students.

Shivani Ponnappa

A young cake artist from Bangalore who is a big fan of edible art on wedding cakes. Her work has received many recognitions in national level competitions. She enjoys teaching and encourages students to work on the concepts they sketch while incorporating various trending techniques that can add a touch to their creations. She taught our students some interesting techniques that could easily make their creations stand out. 

Critical core skills 

Physical fitness & Personal safety

Dr. Bhuvanesh from Kind Kinetics Physio therapy Center ensures our students are educated about right posture, physical fitness, first aid, handling weight and lot of essential aspects to cultivate practices that help our students cope up with the demanding work hours

Food Styling & Photography

Shermila from Bitty clicks Chennai train our students to style their products in creative ways, shoot eye catching pictures and videos. Students learn to edit them using their mobiles, thus creating stunning visuals that are as important as producing tasty products. 

Branding & Digital media marketing

Prithvi from The idea shop, Salem prepare our students for the real world challenges of sustaining  a business through their presence  in virtual world. Essential aspects of creating a brand identity for oneself or for their business and making use of new digital tools enhances their creative quotient through the course

Mantle Training & Consulting

Rakesh Menon, Abhirami Shankar, Sivasailam & V.Srinivasan are the founding members of Mantle, bringing over 30+ years of their experience with corporates and large institutions. Mantle is a company that imparts soft skills training, sales training, professional skill development, employability skills, for professionals, entrepreneurs, students. Their innovative approach and guidance has helped our students gain confidence and clarity in their progression.

Design learning & conceptualisation

Latha Sivakumar, a design graduate herself believes in the power of understanding the design and colour theory which empowers students to develop an individual style enabling them to develop a definitive character to their creations. 

Conceptualising a design, conveying it to their prospective clients while understanding the feasibility and the challenges that might be posed while using edible medium is addressed through this module

Information systems & management

Logesh Velusamy from Effitrac Solutions India Private Limited, an eclectic young man, who is the driving force behind the 12 year old company that provides tailor-made, industry-specific solutions to organisations across the globe to accelerate their business, shares his wealth of knowledge to our students. This foundational knowledge is an essential aspect of bakery management module, where students learn to set systems for their start up ventures

We're proud of   Our Alumni

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