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Diploma in Bakery & Pastry Arts

To launch a career in the bakery and pastry industry, one needs to be creative, patient, hardworking and passionate. You can opt for a wide range of career paths in this highly desired, specialised field.

Our student centered curriculum offers the full spectrum of training to gain the necessary skills to become a pastry chef in a commercial kitchen, launch your own bakery/patisserie business or extend your culinary skills.

You will be taught the relevant theory to understand the science and techniques pertaining to various stages involved in preparing and presenting a product. Being innovative and having a sound knowledge about every ingredient is essential to becoming a specialty chef. This is a practical course and you will be learning by 'doing' and perfecting your craft through rigorous practice

With our expert guidance and masterclasses, you will be inspired to bring out the best in you. Students develop fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination through continuous practice.

Every student will complete worksheets to acquire the essential math skills needed to minimise wastage during production. They also have the opportunity to  engage in our in-house facility to gain first-hand knowledge about customer’s needs while developing special menus.

Duration: 1 Year

Timing : 9AM to 5PM

JUNE 2024


Age limit - 18 yrs & above

Education qualification - HSC and above

Attributes - Hard working, Adaptable, Team player

Skills - Basic math, Art, Science


Core Modules



  • Introduction to professional pastry kitchen

  • Kitchen Operation and Safety

  • Personal safety and grooming 

  • Food safety & hygiene

  • Knife skills & Culinary basics

  • Science behind the process of baking


Basic concepts in
Artisan baking

  • Classic cookies

  • Tea cakes & quick breads

  • Classic desserts

  • Sponges, fillings and frostings

  • Assembled cakes, tortes & layered cakes

  • Evaluating flavors & textures for flavor pairing

  • Yeasted breads


Fundamentals of

  • Colour concepts & design theory

  • Inspiration to design elements 

  • Use of mediums in customisation 

  • Balance in colour and design

  • Piping skills

  • Fondant basics


4. Bakery Management




 & costing







5.Basic concepts in French pastry

  • Petit fours & confectionery 

  • Meringues and macarons

  • Pate choux

  • Tarts & Pies

  • Puff pastry

  • Using preferments in breads

  • Enriched dough products 

  • Make it a meal

  • High tea, buffet planning and set up

Wedding Cake

6. Artisan baking

  • Develop & maintain a sour dough starter

  • Baking with sourdough 

  • Inclusions and variations 

  • Viennoiserie

7. Advanced French Patisserie

  • Chocolates and pralines 

  • Bonbons

  • Entremets 

  • Frozen desserts

8. Advanced

  • Wedding cake

  • Sugar flowers

  • Sculpting

Course fee: 

Rs.5,31,000 (all inclusive)

Fundamentals of Baking

Experiential learning - Allied skills - Real time event management

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